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Key Contact Information

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Who To Call Phone Number Call Us About...

Claimant Services Center

(800) 244-5631

Unemployment insurance or ILogin questions

Benefit Payment Control

(800) 814-0513

Fraud and identity theft (you can also report fraud online)

Employer Services Center

(800) 247-4984

Employer-related or MyTax Illinois questions Help Desk

(877) 342-7533

Finding a job or using your account

Appointment Scheduling Hotline

(217) 558-0401

Scheduling an in-person or phone appointment

Limited in-person services are available at local IDES workforce offices by appointment only. Phone appointments are also available.

To schedule an appointment, you must call the Scheduling Hotline at (217) 558-0401.


Unemployment Insurance

For questions about an unemployment insurance (UI) claims, certification and payment, ILogin, appeals, and more:

Phone Number: (800) 244-5631 Help Desk (for job seekers)

For support with login information (username and password), error messages, or navigating your job search:

Phone Number: (877) 342-7533


IDES offers two ways to certify for unemployment benefits:

  1. Online (preferred)
  2. Tele-Serve
    • Phone Number: (312) 338-4337
    • Hours: 3:00AM - 7:30PM, Monday - Friday

KeyBank Customer Service

For reporting lost, stolen, or damaged debit cards:

Phone Number: (866) 295-2955

Legal Services Program​

​If your Social Security number ends in 0 through 4​:

  • In-State: (800) 884-6591
  • Out-of-State: (847) 991-9240

​​If your Social Security number ends in 5 through 9​:

  • In-State: (888) 430-1776
  • Out-of-State: (847) 251-1776

Benefit Collections Unit

Phone Number: (800) 245-9762

  • When prompted, press 2 for employers

Fraud and Identity Theft

​For reporting fraud and identity theft:

Phone Number: (800) 814-0513

Fax Number: (312) 793-2356

Report Fraud Online

New Hire Unit

Phone Number: (888) 776-7708

Benefit Accuracy Measurement Unit

Phone Number: ​(800) 572-4215

24-Hour Tax Withholding Fax Line​

​To change your withholding status on your current claim, please complete the TAX-2 form, then sign and fax to the number listed below:​

Fax Number: (630) 495-8199


Employer Services Center

For support with MyTax Illinois, general tax information, refunds, SIDES registration, and more:

Phone Number: (800) 247-4984

Fax Number: (217) 557-1948 Assistance (for employers)

For login information (username and password), account approval, posting job orders, resume searches, and finding ideal candidates:

Phone Number: (877) 342-7533

MyTax Illinois and SIDES Registration Hotline

Employers can create a secure account to file required reports, pay taxes, and maintain accounts with IDES and the Illinois Department of Revenue. Employers can also register for SIDES e-response to enable electronic claims protests and receive notice of claims via email.​

Phone Number: (800) 247-4984

Fax Number: (312) 793-2362

New Hire Reporting

​Employers report new employees within 20 days of the employee's first day on the payroll:

Phone Number: (800) 327-4473

Fax Number: (217) 557-1947

Work Opportunity Tax Credit (WOTC)​ State Bonding Coordinator​​​

​WOTC provides federal tax savings to employers who hire people from certain target g​roups, including public assistance recipients, veterans, youth and ex-felons.

Fidelity Bonding protects employers against employee dishonesty, theft or embezzlement.​

Fax Number: (312) 793-5151

Legal Services Program for Small Employers

​For limited free legal services at IDES administrative hearings:

Phone Number: (866) 641-4288

TTY (not toll-free): (312) 641-6403

New Hire Unit

Phone Number: (888) 776-7708


Fraud Reporting

​For reporting cases of improper collection of benefits or improper classification of workers:

Phone Number: (877) 566-6230

To report identity theft fraud:

Phone Number: (800) 814-0513

Press Inquiries

Phone Number: (877) 566-6230

Illinois Relay and TTY Numbers

Individuals with a hearing impairment who would like to speak with someone in the Claimant Services Center should dial 711 for the Illinois Relay System. Once connected, please direct the communications analyst to call IDES at 800.244.5631.

Illinois Relay: (800) 526-0844 TTY or 711

Illinois Relay: (800) 526-0857 Voice or 711​​​