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Claimants: Protecting Your Unemployment Benefits

IDES is aware of phishing schemes targeting Illinoisans. Please note that individuals will never receive a text message from IDES seeking personally identifiable information, like your social security or driver’s license numbers. For more info on phishing schemes please visit the FTC website.

Protect Your Information

Across the county, criminal networks are targeting unemployment insurance (UI) systems. It is important to protect your account, to ensure fraudsters cannot access your benefits.

IDES and our law enforcement partners encourage you to follow these cybersecurity tips:

  1. Use a strong password: Use a combination of numbers, symbols, lower-case and capital letters. Ensure your password is a minimum of 12 characters. And, never use the same password with a different account. You can also add additional multi-factor authentication methods in ILogin.
  2. Don’t share private information: Never share your password or information about your claim with someone you don’t know. Be mindful about posting information on social media.
  3. Beware of scams: Do not click on pop-ups, unknown emails, or suspicious links. Criminals in other states are using “phishing” scams to gather sensitive information from claimants. Remember to keep your security software up-to-date and remain alert.

Reporting Fraud

Were you the victim of a phishing scheme? Do you think your benefits were redirected to the wrong bank account?

If you think you may be the victim of fraud, please call IDES’s benefit payment control unit at (800) 814-0513. Follow these prompts:

  • Select your language
  • Press 1 to indicate you are an individual
  • Press 1 to indicate you are a claimant or someone who is reporting identity theft
  • Press 5 to report identity theft
  • Enter your information for a callback, when prompted

IDES is working closely with state and federal partners to stop criminals and protect the unemployment insurance system. We appreciate your help to keep your account safe.