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IDES offices will be closed Monday, May 27 for the federal holiday, but you can still certify and apply for benefits and access other online resources!  Please note that benefit payments may take longer to process during this time.  Offices will reopen for regular business hours on Tuesday, May 28.

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Thinking of starting a small business?  Here are some resources that may help small business owners get started.

Starting a business is an exciting proposition, but it's also an incredibly challenging undertaking.  The resources in this section will help you learn about what it takes to start a business.

NOTE: In order to be eligible to receive unemployment insurance benefits, a person must certify that he is able to work, available for work and actively seeking work.  A person must also be able to produce a work search log when requested by the Director to support this certification. Attempting to start or starting a business does not exempt a person from their work search requirement in order to receive benefits. Therefore, any effort put into establishing your own business or soliciting business for your company does not qualify as meeting the work search requirement.

Since its founding on July 30, 1953, the U.S. Small Business Administration has delivered millions of loans, loan guarantees, contracts, counseling sessions and other forms of assistance to small businesses.

Visit their site to find out more about the assistance to small business operators.

Illinois Small Business Development Centers located throughout the state provide information, confidential business guidance, training and other resources to early stage and existing small businesses. Visit their website to find out about more small business services through the Illinois Department of Commerce and Economic Opportunity.​​

At the Women's Business Development Center, we help women business owners successfully achieve economic independence through entrepreneurship. From workshops and business coaching to financial and procurement assistance, we're here to support your business growth at every stage of business development. Your growth is our business! More​​

The place where businesses and people connect as new equity partners. Unleash your potential by joining a company on the side for an equity stake. Find the perfect addition to your team with the specific skills your company needs. Find the best company in the world to work for - and become an owner - on

Information technology and high-speed Internet are great enablers of small business success, but with the benefits comes the need to guard against growing cyber threats.  As larger companies take steps to secure their systems, less secure small businesses are easier targets for cybercriminals.  In October 2012, the FCC re-launched Small Biz Cyber Planner 2.0, an online resource to help small businesses create customized cybersecurity plans.​

Internal Revenue Service Small Business and Self-Employed Tax Center: SB/SE serves taxpayers who file Form 1040, Schedules C, E, F, or Form 2106, as well as small businesses with assets under $10 million.

The Department of Labor (DOL) and the Small Business Association (SBA) announced a new website aimed at assisting self-employed entrepreneurs. The Self-Employment Assistance Center provides resources to small business start-ups and self-employed business owners.