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New Hire Reporting

The New Hire Reporting Program is part of the federal welfare reform law and now includes increased efforts to locate absent parents who are not supporting their children. Since 1997, a nationwide employer New Hire Registry has been used to locate absent parents in order to enforce child support orders. In Illinois, IDES has the responsibility for obtaining the information for this registry.

Reporting Options

To begin reporting your new hires, including independent contractors, choose one of the following:

1. Online - You will be prompted to login, which requires you to create an online username and password, or, 

2. Complete the IDES New Hire Form and submit it to IDES by fax or U.S. mail

Illinois New Hire Directory
P.O. Box 19212
Springfield, IL 62794-9212

Fax data to: 1-217-557-1947 (24-hour fax line) 


3. Magnetic filing​​​

Additional Information

  • For federal guidelines, please visit the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services: New Hire Registry​
  • All employers are required to report new employees to their state's New Hire Directory with 20 days of the employee's first day on the payroll and provide all the necessary information:
    • Employee Data
      • Employee name
      • Home address
      • Social security number
      • Date of hire (the employee's first day of work for pay)
    • Employer Data
      • Name of business/employer
      • Address of employer
      • Federal employer identification number (FEIN)
      • Address where income withholding orders should be sent, if different from the FEIN address (optional data that can be added by employers who want withholding orders directed to a specific address other than their regular FEIN address).