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Unemployment Insurance (UI) Fraud by Employers

Employers who fail to meet their legal UI quarterly reporting requirements and neglect to submit the requisite payment for contributions owed, shift the costs onto employers that do comply with their UI obligations.
Maintaining the integrity of the UI program and the solvency of the UI Trust Fund is of utmost importance to IDES.

Examples of Employer Tax Fraud Activities:

  • Paying wages in cash and not reporting on the Quarterly Contribution and Wage Report 
  • Misclassifying workers as independent contractors 
  • Establishing a liable fictitious employing unit for the purposes of collecting UI Benefits

To initiate an allegation or complaint of employer fraud and/or employer non-compliance with the UI Act, the information must be in writing and signed by the individual making the allegation/complaint. The allegation/complaint cannot be anonymous and it must state facts that raise a bona fide question as to whether the employer is in compliance with the UI Act.

To submit allegations/complaints involving employer fraud and/or non-compliance with the UI Act, contact the Employer Services Center at (800) 247-4984 or email