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MyTax Illinois Employers

MyTax Illinois
Please use MyTax Illinois for all your State of Illinois tax needs, including the monthly and quarterly wage filing requirements.

UI 3/40 wage report

  • Employers with fewer than 25 employees can still file paper quarterly UI-3/40s. The online form has been improved to allow you to fill out the form online, save it and print it. Download the UI3/40 here.
  • Employers with any employee size will have the option to file quarterly UI-3/40 wage reports and make payments through their MyTax Illinois account at

Zero wage filing

  • Employers will be able to file their quarterly zero wage reports through a non-log in feature on MyTax Illinois; you will only need your FEIN and UI account numbers.
  • Employers will also be able to file their quarterly zero wage reports through MyTax Illinois if you already have an account set up.
  • Employers can still file paper quarterly UI-3/40s by downloading and completing the approved UI3/40 form.

Credit card payment option
Payments can be made through MyTax Illinois ACH debit from your checking or savings account. ACH debit is free to use. You may also mail in a payment using a check or money order.

Wage filers
There are no changes to the current required monthly and quarterly reporting requirements.