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Requesting Custom MLS Reports

You can request a variety of customized MLS reports by contacting the MLS program specialist​.

Reports can be generated using the following variables:

Time Period:

Single quarter

Annual totals

Multiple quarters 

Geographic Areas:


Metropolitan Areas

Any one of Illinois' 102 Counties

Multi-county regions

Data Output:

Characteristics of UI claimants or industries reported in MLS

Employment and wages of UI claimants or industries in MLS

Pre and Post Layoff Employment Status, Earnings, Industry and Location of Employer

Data Variables

(note that reports can include up to three separate data variables e.g. gender, race, occupation):

  • Industry (2 or 3 digit NAICS code level or NAICS super sector level)
  • Occupation (single digit DOT code)
  • Educational level (number of years of education)
  • Age
  • Race
  • Gender
  • Employment Size of Establishment
  • Percent of workers recalled by employer​