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Unemployment Insurance (UI) Program Data

Unemployment Insurance (UI) statistics are derived from administrative data collected on individuals currently applying for and those receiving Unemployment Insurance. Go to Weekly Claims for current data and see UI Program Activities presented monthly, quarterly, semiannually and annually.

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  • Additional Claim - A claim filed at the beginning of a second or subsequent break in employment within a benefit year

  • Appeal - A request to review a monetary or nonmonetary determination made by either the employee or employer.

  • Average Weekly Benefit Amount - Total benefit payments made during a period divided by weeks compensated.

  • Gross Benefits Paid - the total amount of benefit payments made in a period.

  • Final Payment (Exhaustees) - The last benefit payment an individual receives in a benefit year because the total amount of benefits (money) available under that program has been used up.

  • First Payment (New Beneficiary) - The first payment issued to an individual for his/her first compensable week of unemployment in a benefit year.

  • Initial Claim - A request for determination of insured status (new claim) or a notice filed when a break in job attachment has occurred, (additional claim). Insured status refers to qualifying base period wages with an insured employer and the determination of the individual's weekly benefit amount.

  • Insured Unemployment Rate - The IUR is the total number of insured unemployed divided by the total number of employed covered by unemployment insurance.

  • Interstate Agent Claim - A claim filed in Illinois (agent state) against another state (liable state).

  • Interstate Liable Claim - A claim filed in another state (agent state) against Illinois (liable state).

  • New Claim - The first claim in an individual's benefit year, which serves as a request for determination of insured status.

  • Nonmonetary Determination - A determination as to whether an individual is disqualified from receiving benefits and waiting period credits for reasons other than those affecting insured status, such as being not able or available for work, voluntary leaving, discharge for misconduct, refusal to work, etc.

  • Week Claimed (Continued Claim) - A request for benefit payment or to obtain credit for a waiting week period week, done by the completion and submission of a certification by the individual that she/he was unemployed, was actively seeking work and is requesting benefit payment or waiting week credit for a week of unemployment.

  • Week Compensated - A week in which an individual was found eligible and receives some benefit credit.​​

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