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Electronic 1099-G tax forms will be available by February 1 and hard copies will be mailed the same day. Visit for more information.

Labor Market and Career Information Publications

Below is a list of the publications issued by the Economic Information and Analysis Division of the Illinois Department of Employment Security.

Image source: /content/dam/soi/en/web/ides/labor_market_information/images/CareerPathwaysDictionary.png

Image source: /content/dam/soi/en/web/ides/labor_market_information/images/lmem.png

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Career Planning:

  • Learn More Earn More - This brochure highlights occupations expected to provide the most job openings each year, organized by education and training requirements.

  • Summer Job Central  - A seasonal brochure that provides information for young people looking for seasonal employment. It includes links to resources, websites with summer job listings, and a parents' ​guide to summer work. ​


More Labor Market and Career Information Publications: