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A worldwide technology outage is causing disruption to some State of Illinois online systems.  We are aware of this issue and are diligently working on restoration.

Individuals: Forms and Publications

Some of the most frequently used forms and publications by individuals are provided below. Click here for more forms for individuals.

What Every Worker Should Know About Unemployment Insurance: English | Spanish | Polish | Chinese | Arabic

When workers are laid off for a period of seven days or more or are separated from the payroll for any reason, employers are required to provide them with a copy of this publication (Pub CLI111L).

I Filed My Claim What Happens Now?: English | Spanish | Polish | Chinese | Arabic

When workers are laid off for a period of seven days or more or are separated from the payroll for any reason, employers are required to provide them with a copy of this publication.

Understanding the UI Finding Letter: English | Spanish | Polish | Chinese | Arabic | Tagalog

Work Search Record for Unemployed Job Seekers

This form (ADJ034F) is used to record work search efforts by UI claimants. Be sure that all requested information is provided. Failure to do so may result in a denial of benefits.

Unemployment Insurance Benefits Handbook - Revised 9/2021

This handbook provides detailed information about applying for unemployment benefits. Mistakes in filing claims can delay payment of benefits, at times a week or more, because instructions are not followed (CLI105L).
Rev. 9/21

Benefit Rights Information

This 2-page document summarizes essential information about unemployment insurance benefits, including the requirement to register with Illinois’ Employment Service system and work search requirements (BRI - CLI100L).
Updated: 7/10/2017

Income Tax Withholding Election

To change the withholding status on on an individual's current unemployment claim, complete the TAX-2 form, sign and fax or mail the form to IDES (Form BPP009F).
Rev. 7/10/1017

Voluntary Leave Questionnaire

This form is used by IDES to collect information about why an individual quit his/her job.  The information provided will be used for the purpose of determining eligibility for unemployment benefits (Form ADJ002FC).

Teleserve - Certify for Unemployment Benefits By Phone

This brochure provides information about certifying for benefits over the phone. Once an Unemployment Insurance claim is filed, a claimant must then "certify" their eligibility every two weeks. Tele-Serve makes it easy.

Academic Personnel Questionnaire for Claimants

IDES uses this form to collect information about whether a person employed by an academic institution is eligible for unemployment benefits. Form ADJ004FC

Request for Reconsideration of Claims Adjudicator’s Determination and, If Applicable, Appeal to the Referee

This form (ADJ024FC) is used by the claimant to appeal an adjudicator's Finding or Determination if they disagree with the UI Wage Finding, in cases where the person was denied benefits.
Rev. 12/22/2020

Apprenticeship Information Center Application for Job Seekers

This is the application for referral to apprenticeship in a trade (AIC-589). Visit the IDES Apprenticeship program page, which includes a list of occupational skills, for more information. Rev. 4/1/21

Benefit Overpayment Information

If IDES has determined that a person was improperly paid  benefits, the amount is called an overpayment and by law, the entire amount must be repaid. Many overpayments are due to fraud, and can result in significant penalties and prosecution. (BPC100L)

CIS Quick Reference Guide

An overview of features and benefits of the free Career Information System offered by IDES.

Backdating Questionnaire

You have requested that we backdate your claim to an earlier date. We need the following information to make a decision regarding your request.

Illinois Unemployment Insurance Law Handbook (CLI106L)

IDES published the Illinois Unemployment Insurance Law Handbook (also known as the UI Law Handbook) in response to a need for a single, comprehensive, and updated legal resource.

Guidance For Employers and Employees on Workers' Rights and Safety During The Restore Illinois Plan: English | Spanish | Polish | Chinese

This guidance is intended to help both employers and employees educate themselves about minimum required workplace safety requirements, as well as best practices to promote a safe and well-functioning workplace during the COVID-19 pandemic, and to provide guidance on some frequently asked questions about COVID-19 and the workplace. Resources

Getting Started – Job Seekers