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Internal Control Questionnaire (ICQ) Form

The questions in the form serve as Internal Control monitor of the security procedures of the Requester Agency relating to the Illinois Department of Employment Security (IDES) documents, electronic media, sharing and storage as part of the Shared Data Agreement contractual requirements. When providing answers, please enter on the line directly below each question. Do not leave any questions blank; respond with N/A instead. After completion, the form can be printed out and signed by the Disclosure Officer and/or the Director of the Requester Agency; electronic signatures are also accepted. The Requester Agency should provide the contact information for all parties and users who are involved in accessing IDES information. Please use a separate Excel sheet if needed; attach and submit together with the ICQ. 

It is advisable for the Requester Agency to collect and maintain documented evidence to back up the answers to this questionnaire in the instance of an audit. Having this evidence on hand will also aid the IDES Internal Control review and approval.

Please download the ICQ Form and submit by using the entries below.